Deciding to move into a new role is generally a big decision, but it’s made all the more significant when you’re planning to include a change of lifestyle and location too.

If you’ve been exploring nursing jobs in Australia, you’ll have seen that there are a range of options available in big cities, regional centres and remote communities.

Weighing them up against one another can seem daunting but, get it right and you could be setting yourself up for one of the best professional and personal experiences of your life.

Choosing the right placement for you will depend on many factors. You may be motivated by looking for an opportunity which will help you develop your career as fast as possible. Or, you may be looking for a nursing placement in a region that will fit in with your lifestyle or travel aspirations.

Whatever your motivation or end goals, it’s important to do your research and make sure you end up with a placement that’s going to meet your needs. It’s also important to make sure that you enlist the right team to support you.

Working with HealthX gives you the opportunity to select from a range of short and long-term nursing roles in places around Australia, meaning you can either look for a fresh start or plan to work your way around the country quite easily.

We’ve put together a list of ideas of places off the beaten track which you could plan to include in your recruitment search.

Location: New South Wales

Population: More than 8,000,000

New South Wales (NSW) is Australia’s most populated state and chances are, when you’ve thought of Australia, you’ve probably pictured parts of it. Its capital city Sydney is internationally-renowned for its beauty and is home to tourist attractions like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

But, if the idea of living in Sydney (and its sky-high cost of living) doesn’t appeal, NSW has plenty of other drawcards.

Travel up the NSW coast towards Queensland and you’ll find the Northern Rivers region – a semi-tropical paradise, known for its lush greenery and idyllic communities like Bangalow, Ballina and Byron Bay. The Northern Rivers region is a must for travellers, surfers, and anyone looking for a relaxed, sunny lifestyle.

Back down South, head inland from the NSW Coast and you’ll get to experience the tight-knit communities of the Southern Highlands and Blue Mountains. These picturesque regions are full of small towns and villages, with plenty of opportunities to pick up short and long-term contracts and settle in for a short (or long) while.

Head far west enough, towards the border with South Australia, and you’ll find yourself deep in the Outback, where quirky communities offer visiting healthcare professionals once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Towns like Broken Hill still offer many glimpses into a lifestyle lived for many generations in Australia’s remote agricultural and grazing communities.

New South Wales is a state of diversity and character, and has earned its place as a favourite among visiting nursing professionals for good reason.

Location: Northern Territory

Population: 132,045 (as of 2016)

The Northern Territory is the only state or Territory to be 100% classified as Outback. It’s a stunning place with plenty of intact scenery, national parks and opportunities for adventure and travel – particularly in the ‘Top End’ (what locals call the top half of the Territory).

Territorians are known amongst Australians as being off-beat; with a quirky sense of humour, relaxed culture and general lack of pretence. The Territory has a highly transient working population, so locals are generally as welcoming and warm as the intense tropical climate.

With a population of over 130,000 people, Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and sits on the coast of the Top End. A large percentage of the population is employed in the tourism industry, with Darwin receiving almost 1,000,000 tourists every year.

A far higher percentage of the Territory’s population is Indigenous than any other state or Territory and there is often work available in remote Indigenous community centres. These jobs can be incredibly challenging but with that challenge comes considerable reward – both personal and financial.

Location: Queensland

Population: 2,462,637 (as of 2018).

Queensland is another large and incredibly diverse state.

The highly populated South East corner houses state capital, Brisbane, as well as the much-loved beaches of the Sunshine and Gold Coasts.

However, keep winding your way up the coastline and Queensland has many other small communities often seeking nursing staff. Small cities like Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay and Townsville generally have many of the lifestyle advantages of small communities while still offering great amenities, reasonably diverse populations and plenty of opportunities for adventure.

Travel up to the top of Queensland and you’ll find Cairns, acting as a gateway to Queensland’s tropical north. The Torres Strait is a sparsely populated place with a high Indigenous community living across a range of island communities requiring regular help to fill nursing roles. It’s a place of considerable natural beauty and a relaxed tropical lifestyle.

Inland Queensland quickly becomes the red Outback of movies and TV shows, but there are plenty of small towns and communities like Longreach, Winton and Mount Isa. Many of these places have largely transient workforces so hold many adventures for those looking to find them.

The places we’ve listed above are just a teaser to the thousands of jobs available in regional and remote Australia. As with any other career move, it pays to get the right advice before you make your move.

HealthX has a huge number of opportunities available throughout the country, with more coming up every day.

Contact us now to start investigating nursing jobs in Australia that are the right fit for you, your professional goals – and your thirst for new adventure.

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