Our story

We have employed over 1,000 nurses and carers, in 250 partnering hospitals and aged care facilities across Australia.

Founded in 2008 to solve nursing shortages across regional and remote Australia, the HealthX business model is centred around attracting and employing highly skilled nurses and carers from overseas, to build long term health care capacity within these regions.

HealthX today

Today, HealthX has over 50 full time staff and a growing clinical workforce of registered nurses and qualified carers, working in hospitals and aged care facilities across the country. The service centric culture and specialties in recruitment and sponsorship of international nurses, in-house migration and employee welfare, have resulted in building long term relationships with client partners and health care employees and has earned the business industry awards.

In 2020, responding to the aged care worker supply shortage, HealthX became an approved employer of the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme (PALM) for Aged Care. PALM is an Australian Government backed initiative that helps fill labour gaps in rural and regional locations by offering employers access to a pool of reliable, productive workers from the Pacific Islands for a period of four years. Under the scheme, HealthX has employed over 300 aged care workers in facilities across the country and launched two pilot programs with industry partners, whereby aged care workers complete their Certificate III in Individual Support whilst working in Australia.

We pride ourselves on employing the world’s best nurses and carers.