Frequently asked questions and answers about nursing, aged care and much more.

Employment process

I have a friend who is also looking for work, who should they contact?

Nurses who are interested in working with HealthX can submit an application form via our website or contact your HealthX consultant directly.

How long does it take to confirm my contract?

For nurses and carers with existing working rights looking for short term contracts, the process can take less than a week. For long term positions, we work with you on migration and visa documentation and the process can take between 3- 6 months. Your HealthX consultant will update you regularly to ensure you are kept up to date at every stage.

What are the specialties HealthX predominantly recruit?

Accident and Emergency, Theatre (scrub/scout, recovery, anaesthetics), ICU (high dependency, critical care), Mental Health (inpatient, outpatient, community, ATODS), Community Health and Aged Care, General Registered Nurse. HealthX predominantly recruit Accident and Emergency, Theatre (scrub/scout, recovery, anaesthetics), ICU (high dependency, critical care), Mental Health (inpatient, outpatient, community, ATODS), Community Health and Aged Care, General Registered Nurse.

What are the criteria to be eligible for a registered nurse job with HealthX?

A minimum of two years’ experience as a Registered Nurse (RN) in a health care setting similar to Australia e.g. NZ, UK, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, USA or Hong Kong. Or a minimum of two years’ experience in a hospital that is accredited by JCI, ACI or ACHS from the Philippines, UAE, Qatar, Oman or Saudi Arabia (JCI, ACI, and ACHS requirement only applies to acute RN).

Do I need to pay a placement fee to HealthX?

No, HealthX is a direct employer. You are not required to pay any placement fees to secure a job with HealthX and we do not deduct any commission from your pay.

Long term contracts

What are the criteria to be eligible for the pathway to permanent residency with HealthX?

You need to be aged under 45 and have minimum two years’ experience as a Registered Nurse in a health care setting similar to Australia e.g. NZ,UK, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, USA and Hong Kong (or a minimum of two years’ experience in hospital in UAE, Oman, KSA, Qatar and Philippines that is accredited by JCI, ACI, or ACHS. 

Terms & Conditions

How does the pathway to permanent residency begin?

You will enter Australia on a HealthX sponsored TSS 482 visa and commence work at the partnering facility and register for ANMAC. After three months of employment, a performance review is conducted with you and the facility. After a successful review, the facility will nominate you for ENS 186. HealthX manages the migration and visa process. Terms & Conditions apply

Can I include my spouse and children under the TSS visa?

Yes, the TSS visa allows living and working rights for your spouse (married or de facto, same or opposite sex) and dependent children up to 23 years of age.

What visa will I be sponsored under?

HealthX fast tracks your entry into Australia with a two year TSS visa (subclass 482) under the Labour Agreement Stream for a period of 2 years. Under the HeatlhX Pathway to PR contract, you may be eligible transfer to the ENS 186 visa, with the healthcare facility at 12 months. Terms & Conditions apply. Find out more on the TSS visa here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/vis as/getting-a-visa/visa- listing/temporary-skill-shortage- 482/labour-agreement-stream.

Short term contracts

What is a Short Term Contract?

Short Term Contracts (STC) ensure our partner facilities have the staff they need at all times. HealthX STC candidates are highly experienced and reliable health care workers that work contracts ranging from a few weeks through to several months.

How do I start the process of applying for a short term contract?

Reach out to us via email STC@healthx.com.au and our friendly recruitment team will be in touch.

How often do I travel under a Department of Health and Aged Care(DoHA) contract?

Under a DoH contract, you will need to be very flexible as you will be required to rotate to different health care facilities during the contract time. Your travel costs between the location and accommodation during the contract will be organised and paid for by HealthX. The minimum contract length is 12 weeks.

What is a Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHA) emergency surge contract?

This is a Short Term Contract where you will be working under the Department of Health travel nurse/carer arrangement. In addition to an attractive casual pay rate and penalties, you will also get a daily allowance of $127/day. Your role is to provide nursing support to various aged care facilities. This is a great opportunity to travel around Australia at no cost to you, as well as meet new and exciting people at different facilities and locations. Once you are on the contract, your work hours are full time hours. HealthX will organise and pay for your accommodation while on this contract, as well as organise and pay for your transport when you rotate from one location/facility to another.

Do I need to be able to drive?

For most roles, being able to drive would be an advantage, but is not essential. However, some job placements require you to have a current unrestricted driver’s license that allows you to drive in Australia.

What is the accommodation like?

Accommodation can vary depending on the location and facility. It can be on the facility grounds, or in a hotel/ motel/apartment style property close to the facility. Where possible, we source accommodation with laundry and kitchen facilities, which are sometimes shared.

What happens after the contract finishes?

Upon completion of the contract, you will have the option to continue the contract at your current placement. If you are open to another contract option or location, we can help you with that too.

What is the length of a contract?

Contract length ranges from 4 weeks to 6 months or longer, with the minimum contract length being 4 weeks. Some contracts can be flexible to work with your availability.

What location will I be working?

Job locations will vary based on the facility requirements and your location preference at the time you are applying for the role.

What are the pay rates for STC?

Pay rates are based on your qualifications and total years of experience. Different facilities and states/territories may have different pay levels. Pay rates will be presented to you and discussed with the recruiter once a suitable role has been identified.

What is included in a Short Term Contract (STC)?

All travel & accommodation is organised and paid for by HealthX, as well as a generous hourly pay rate with penalties and superannuation.

What are the benefits of working under a HealthX STC?

Constant updates on job openings for a range of regional locations throughout Australia Option for acute and aged care job placements Access to our free training platforms to maintain your CPD points Travel and accommodation is organised and paid for by HealthX Free uniforms Incentive program Attractive pay rates including overtime, holiday pay and superannuation Daily allowance available for certain roles Remote locations available

Do I need working rights in Australia?

Yes, you will need to have full working rights in Australia as we do not offer sponsorship visas for short term contracts.

Aged care

What qualifications do I need to work in Aged Care with HealthX?

HealthX employs registered nurses, enrolled nurses and carers in partnering aged care facilities. Registered nurses require 2 years’ experience, enrolled nurses require 2 years’ nursing experience plus experience with working with the aged. Carers require a certificate III in Individual Support (aged care), or equivalent, obtained from a recognised training provider. 

All HealthX nurses and carers working in aged care facilities will require a Disability and Aged Care screening card (NDIS Worker Check), applicable to the state in which they are working. Your HealthX employee relations manager will guide you through the process of obtaining this card.

HealthX offers training solutions for Certificate III Individual Support. Please contact us for details.