In order to apply you must be aged under 45 & have a minimum two years’ experience as a
registered nurse in a country similar to Australia (Terms and conditions apply).

2. HealthX interview

We assess your suitability for our Pathway to PR with one of our healthcare providers in the location of your choice.

3. AHPRA support

Fastest pathway consultation. In-house expert to provide advice on the right registration pathway based on your individual circumstances.

4. Visa & migration

Fast entry on HealthX sponsored TSS 482 visa for you and your dependents. Employment advice and training services for your partner.

5. Employment contract

Full time contract with clause to transfer to ENS 186 permanent residency with healthcare facility within 12 months of start date1.

6. Relocation support

Finding a home for you. Finding schools for your children. Setting up bank accounts. Meeting HealthX employees.

7. In-work support

Professional development. Preparation for transfer to ENS 186 status. Health & wellness support.

8. Up to $20,0002 assistance

Total financial assistance package will be agreed in your contract and is paid after employment start date.

9. Permanent Residency

Transfer to permanent residency ENS 186 within 12 months of commencing employment in Australia1.

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1 Based on estimated time from commencement of HealthX employment contract in Australia. Timeline for 186 employer nominated permanent residency visa transition will be determined in the employment contract and is subject to successful completion of probationary period under the HealthX sponsored TSS 482 visa and ANMAC assessment.
2 Financial assistance package renumeration dependent on location and partnering facility.