HealthX are extremely proud to be supporting Victoria during the pandemic. We have deployed experienced registered nurses, nurse unit managers and carers into aged care facilities who have COVID-19 positive residents. It is a tough but rewarding role and we asked HealthX registered nurse Catherine to tell us a little about her experience.

What was your motivation for working in a COVID positive facility?

Catherine: This pandemic is so devastating, across the entire world. It has changed the way we all live and interact with each other. But more than that, so many people are and have been so sick. As a nurse, every one of my instincts is to ‘rescue’, so my nature is to help. As a professional with lots of education and experience, I felt it was my responsibility to help and contribute as I could.

What does a normal day look like in a COVID positive facility?

Catherine: Long, tiring and…hot (under full PPE!). Your days are full of donning and doffing. As well as thinking about providing usual patient care, you are constantly monitoring for any signs of patient conditions worsening and whether the patient is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or something else.

Do you feel comfortable with the level of safety and induction you received from your host facility and HealthX?

Catherine: Yes. HealthX guided me to review appropriate protective guidelines and procedures. The Infection Prevention and Control nurse at the facility made sure we were all competency assessed and education was provided at the facility.

What would you say to a nurse contemplating a contract in a COVID positive facility?

Catherine: If you feel it’s for you…do it! There are lots of colleagues to support and guide you and plenty of PPE available. There is a definite sense of accomplishment in providing the highly skilled care and compassion that nursing delivers as well as pride in being part of a team bonded together to keep people safe.

How has HealthX supported you during this contract?

Catherine: HealthX is always available to support and offer advice. They provide me with as much information as possible about the facility, my responsibilities and the situation. HealthX sourced my accommodation and provide excellent logistical support. They make it as easy as possible to submit timesheets and claim expenses as well as guidance and care on our wellbeing.

HealthX are currently looking for registered nurses, nurse unit managers and personal care assistants / assistants in nursing. If you would like to support the COVID-19 pandemic apply here.

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