Have you considered taking your nursing career way off the beaten track with a long or short-term nursing role in remote Australia? Whether you’re looking for a change for career or lifestyle reasons, getting away from the bright lights of the big cities can seem both exciting and daunting.

Remote opportunities in Australia are generally offered in Indigenous communities (either in the Outback or on islands off Australia’s coastline); or in small communities built around mining, agriculture or tourism. As you’d imagine, moving to one of these communities can throw up some interesting challenges for nurses.

However, there’s a lot to be gained from a stint in remote Australia, too. We’ve listed some of the advantages below.

Different clinical environments from what you’re used to

Working in remote Australia may mean addressing very different clinical problems from what you’re used to seeing. Remote Australians don’t have access to the same level of healthcare support as people in larger cities, so nurses may take on new roles and progress more quickly. As a result, you may find you have the opportunity to fast-track your career by taking on a role in a remote community.

A different way of life from the one you’re used to

It probably goes without saying, but moving to remote Australia means having to say goodbye to some of the creature comforts people take for granted in big cities. Your morning latte from the corner cafe and regular cinema trips may become things of the past for a while. But, most find that’s a small price to pay for the adventures they have while seeing new places, learning new ways of life, or simply seeing the stars of Outback skies for the first time.

Get paid to travel

If you’re planning to travel around Australia, you probably already know that it helps to work along the way to pay for your trip. Luckily, with a skill-set in nursing, you’ve got many opportunities to pick up short or long-term jobs along the way. When working on HealthX short-term contracts you can work a stint, then travel for a bit, then look for your next contract.

Experience a different way of life

Communities in regional and remote areas can be quite different from those in urban areas – and from each other. If you want to experience new cultures and ways of life, remote nursing is a great way to achieve that while still progressing your career.

Close-knit communities and lifelong friends

Communities in rural and regional areas can be very close-knit. When you take on a remote nursing job, you’re likely to find yourself welcomed into the community quickly. Many communities are used to transient workforces of nurses and other staff and are used to welcoming new professionals into the fold. You may also find yourself meeting other nursing and medical staff from faraway places too.

Subsidised accommodation for short-term contracts

Depending on the role you take, you may be entitled to partially or fully subsidised accommodation. In most cases, nurses on short-term contracts have accommodation provided for them. Accommodation subsidies vary, so it’s important that you research what you may be entitled to and factor that into considering which role to take.

Generous entitlements

Nurses working in remote areas are often compensated more generously than those in urban areas. At HealthX, we often provide higher rates of pay or incentive payments to nurses who take remote contracts. This can help offset some of the additional costs that can come with moving to a remote posting. The additional pay can also offset the absence of some of the creature comforts or accessibility to services that are present in the city.

Work in a beautiful environment

Many of Australia’s most beautiful regions are extremely remote. There is an incredible beauty about the Australian Outback, whether it’s the red dirt of the Northern Territory or the tropical beaches of far north Queensland.

Whether you’re early in your career or a highly-experienced nurse, there’s always plenty of opportunities in remote Australia.

Making sure you do your research and have a good team behind you is the key to making it an adventure to remember – and that’s where HealthX comes in.

We have placed hundreds of nurses on short and long-term contracts in remote Australia and we’re happy to help answer any questions you may have while planning your adventure.

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